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So much to do, so little time This is exactly how we feel since we started our Sunshine Beeswax Candles® in mid 2000. We are supplying upmarket shops, pharmacies and various aromatherapy centres in New Zealand with our quality product. We executed numerous export orders to Australia, USA, and Germany. Last not least we have had genuine inquiries from the United Kingdom and other European countries. They all show great interest in our product.

We sincerely believe that our cost competitive prices speak for themselves, and in many instances we can supply airfreighted candles to overseas shops at lower prices than a locally made product. Not too bad for a small company from New Zealand!

All our candles have been hand-crafted by using 100% beeswax, which burns in an "environmentally friendly" way and does not emit toxins like paraffin candles. Many who are sensitive to paraffin find they can burn beeswax without a reaction.

No colouring material is added to the wax of our candles and we make every effort to provide consistency in the colours of these candles. We rather prefer to work with the warm and inviting colours Mother Nature has given us. This makes a nice change to products which have been made so perfectly, and cheaply, by machines.

However, some variations in colour are inevitable, which are likely the results of the length of time wax has remained in the hive, the pollen source the bees have visited, and the type of honey made in the hive.

Another interesting characteristic of beeswax candles is the bloom, which appears after a few days of the candles having been made, giving a dull, powdery look to the surface of the candles. A lot of people love that feature. In any case, it can be removed with a few strokes of a soft cloth, which restores the candle to its original shine.

Burning Properties:
Burn time for beeswax candles tends to be longer than those for candles made of other substances, and burn time for solid beeswax candles is longer than those for rolled or other non-solid candles. The quality of burning without dripping is pleasant. All candles should be burnt out of a draft. If there is a draft, the candles will drip. Drafts cut down on burn time.

The candle makers at SUNSHINE do not add any artificial scent to their candles because pure beeswax has its own natural scent, which they believe is far superior to any unnatural scent other candle makers may add to their candles. Once you burn an all natural beeswax candle, we are sure you will agree with us.

Our candles are individually bubble-wrapped and packed into closely fitted boxes to virtually ensure no breakage while in transit.

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